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After an extended down time with my 2006 RR HSE and then a Strutmaster conversion and full brake job including sensors, I had a series of "Lights" giving me issues as well as symptoms. The Check Engine Light, ABS light, and the amber triangle were all on, the speedometer wasn't working, and the vehicle has a hesitation and rough idle.
When I took it to the dealer they told me I had PO174 Bank 2 Lean, P2787 Clutch Too Hot, PO500 Wheel Speed Sensor, C0031 Wheel Speed Sensor, and C034 Tone Wheel.
As I was slowly but surely trouble shooting things (transmission flush, smoke testing for vacumme leaks etc) I finally replaced the brand new front ABS sensors with again new sensors... and Wala, all lights reset, all codes cleared, the speeedometer works, and the hesitation/ rough idle disappeared.
Seems odd... but my theory is that with the Speed sensors and speedo not working, it must have sent bad information to the ECU, thus triggering the transmission to think it was hot and the MAF/ MAP/ ECU to mis calculate the air fuel mixture.
I could be all wet on my diagnosis, but all seems fine today in Range Rover World.
Anyhow, just sharing in case others have issues similar in nature.
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