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Water Pump Replacement - Not as easy as I expected

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I have to preface this by mentioning that this work was on a 1999 Disco II. My P38 and my Disco II had matching fluid leaks. I had to replace the radiator in the RR due to a dry-rotted bleed tube nipple. The Disco II's was due to a water pump that had a bad gasket from overheating some time ago.

I am writing this because I figure that it relates to the RR, as well. Anyway, I've replaced water pumps before in other cars. I was estimating that this job would be simple based on my previous experiences.

Not so fast. Everything was a breeze until I had to "clean" the mating surfaces. The workshop manual inauspiciously outlines this step in about 5 words. I wish there was an editorial mentioning what a pitfall this step is. I spent 6.5 hours on this step, alone. I had to meticulously scrape the old gasket off of the engine block. It totally munsoned up the job.

I wish the workshop manual mentioned that prior to that step, I should acquire transcendental meditation skills only learned in the far east. In getting that crap off, I somehow channeled all of the anger, frustration, and utter horror found in this world and applied it to this step - yet, somehow didn't make a sound. Apparently, I also learned how to levitate. I think I have some telekinetic abilities, now, as well.

Hey, it's done. I just want those setting out to replace their water pump to know that they should plan to spend some time scraping off the old gasket.
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6.5 hours? I have done this a few times and it always took me a while but six and a half hours? Your back bust have been killing you. Did you use gasket remover spray? I like to use that and a razor blade that has a handle. Someone told me that shops have an electric tool for this but I know of none.
Been there...

Done that...

Felt your pain...

Gasket cleaner, copper scraper (fashioned from hammered out tubing), and a couple hours of hand cramping, back aching labor... fun!
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My hands and forearms are still killing me from both strain and bumping / pressing. I didn't know about gasket removal spray. I went to advance auto parts for the scraper (I was concerned about using a razor blade - I thought I would make too many grooves). Anyway, they didn't tell me anything about the spray - nor did I read anything about during my research.

Hey, lesson learned. Thanks!
Dude, that sucks. 6.5 hours of scraping would have me hitting someone! I just bought a box of razor blades and went to town, trying to keep the razoblade as parallel to the surface as possible. I then rubbed everything down with a couple different grits of steel wool. I probably made a few nicks, but I figured they were minor enough that the gasket and gasket sealer would be more than enough to fill them in.
I use an air angle die grinder with a pad on it. Will never scratch anything and takes @5 minutes to have meticulous surfaces. :thumb:
That and an air line blow gun and you are set IMHO. Works for me every time anyways....

Pencil wire brush on a drill, zipped mine right off. No fear of scrapes or gouges and leaves everything super clean.
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