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So rainstorm last night and I see some water drips coming from the map light area (well the little LED thingy that shines on the rear view mirror) - not much but enough to notice. So searched the forums and see that this could be the drains blocked (but no water in passenger footwell) - any ideas - seems like a science project for our friends at a dealer that could be expensive as I'm out of warranty (but have the extended CPO warranty)

On the CPO extended warranty dont think I've ever seen any paperwork on it - but apparently its all in the computer that I have it - sound right?

Also looks like time for new tires (the OEM in the wet are starting to get scary) - anyone like the Yokohama Parada Spec -X - mainly used in the North East on the highway commute



2006 RRS S/C
Black on Black
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