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G'day, Just purchased and 05 RRS V8 Supercharged in really great nick with 128K on the clock. Absolutely love the car, it actually makes me smile the same way the old KTM SM 640 does.

Picked it up from the dealer and drove it home the first night to discover water in the LHS passenger well and down the LHS. Followed the excellent guides here and cleaned the sunroof drain lines with trimmer cable (not without breaking a brittle clip on an intake vent, grrr) and inspected the pollen filter to see it dirty and water stained and missing the 120 K service. Water is in the channel down the LHS inundating the loom, my questions are...

After drying Carpets and underlay, possibly replacing A pillar plugs and cowl (although it looks mint) then draining water out of channel and loom my questions are,

1. can I expect problems from corrosion in the loom wiring ?
2. implications (inside dash and elsewhere)of water in the dash headed down to pool on the filter and through the blower ?
3. mould and the carpet underlay, treatment ?
4. The best source of reasonably priced trim and by this I mean, LHS channel trim, clips and original RHS intake vent.

I have the option of handing the car back but I think I am in love.

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