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water and rust

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Hi guys,
As the "restoration" of my classic struggles forward and the list of things to fix grows longer..... i have noticed water seeping from the base of the A pillars where it joins the sill.
There must be a fair build up as sometimes when i move the vehicle i get a lot of water escaping in one go.
As a consequence of the water i now have the usual rusty A pillar. before i get it all repaired does anyone have any idea how/where the water is entering??

cheers folks!
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Do you have a sun roof? In addition to a split, disconnected or deteriorated drain you could have debris build up at the base of your windshield.
although not likely I suppose with that much rust your roof seal could be compromised and water could be getting in the top that way.
yes there is a steel sunroof, so i need to check the drains.
Also i guess it might be worth trying to remove the scuttle/decker panel?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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