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Washed, now wont start.

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We drove along the beach at fraser Island and my wife hit a few washouts on the beach. Not as much water as i have been through in the past but the 4.6 RR stopped running. After a few minutes it fired up again. Blew a lot of Black smoke unburnt fuel but then ran fine. I washed it down as we do after driving along the beach and it still ran fine. Yes, when it was cool i washed the sand from the engine :naughty: . Now five days later after returning home i gave it its proper wash down as i have done many times before. Now it wont start and there is no spark. Plugs are dry. Any ideas anyone ? :crybaby2:
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It is most likely that you have water in one of the sensors. If you have a diagnostic tool you could try to check if you can find out what sensors are sending signals towards the engine ECU.

Alternatively put it in a warm and dry place with good ventilation and rety to start after a day or so. If this doesn't solve the problem you have to start checking the sensors, starting with the crankshaft position sensor.


Thankyou Jos. I left it overnight came out and after turing over for 20 seconds it started. I ran it for a couple of minutes stopped and started it several times. I went out two hours later it wouldnt start agian.I left it for a while and it runs again. Now it runs fine. this worries me as it could be intermitent.
I played with what i think is the crank angle sensor. I am not sure where it is located and how to remove it.
Your crank sensor will be at the rear of engine, on your passenger side, just above the oil pan, between the oil pan and the exhaust where the block meets the bell housing. 2 bolts holt it in place, I believe they are 8mm.

RAVE has some pretty good pics in both the engine section as well as the electrical connector section.
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