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This narrative is long but represents opposing facts about Warranties4Wheels and Genuine Warranty Solutions. This does not endorse or negate W4W or GWS. While I have attempted to reference links and point to my sources of information, the reader is left to validate and conduct their own research or interviews about these intriguing entities. I am not affiliated with any Automotive Warranty Services Contract entities. I do not receive any financial or other benefits by writing this post. This is merely posted for informational and discussion purposes. I am not responsible for any damages - consequential or direct - stemming from information from this post.


I was intrigued by the post of DUCKSAUZ here on rangerovers.net and what Google came back with in terms of search results for Warranties4Wheels and Genuine Warranty Solutions, so let’s talk about that ...


1. BBB.org Rating of A+ as of 8/29/2009

0 customer complaints in the last 3 years
0 government actions pending at this time
This business is a BBB Accredited Business

BBB assigns grades from A to F with pluses and minuses. A+ is the highest grade and F is the lowest. The grade represents BBB’s degree of confidence that the business is operating in a trustworthy manner and will make a good faith effort to resolve any customer concerns.


This business is in an industry that may require professional licensing, bonding or registration. BBB encourages you to check with the appropriate agency to be certain any requirements are currently being met.

Calls to the Arizona Corporation Commission and the Arizona Department of Insurance indicated that there are no compliance rules or regulation in the state regarding the marketing and selling of automotive warranty services.

2. Trade Name and Corporate Owner

Warranties4Wheels is a TRADE NAME for GMGL Marketing Services, Inc. that was registered 9/19/2007.

http://www.azsos.gov/scripts/TNT_Search ... E_CODE=NME

GMGL Marketing Services is incorporated in the State of Arizona, in GOOD Standing, since 6/5/2002.

http://starpas.azcc.gov/scripts/cgiip.e ... ORPORATION

Here is the agents name and physical mailing address: WAYNE CRAIG, 12913 W. WINDSOR AVE, AVONDALE, AZ 85323

http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source= ... -Q&split=0

GENUINE WARRANTY SOLUTIONS (Obligor and Administrator [Provider])

1. BBB.org Rating of A- as of 8/29/2009

Reason for the A- rating includes the length of time the business has been operating

2 customer complaints in the last 3 years
0 government actions pending at this time
This business is a BBB Accredited Business

BBB assigns grades from A to F with pluses and minuses. A+ is the highest grade and F is the lowest. The grade represents BBB’s degree of confidence that the business is operating in a trustworthy manner and will make a good faith effort to resolve any customer concerns.

http://www.bbb.org/central-northern-wes ... 000004225/

This business is in an industry that may require professional licensing, bonding or registration. BBB encourages you to check with the appropriate agency to be certain any requirements are currently being met.

Calls to the Nevada Secretary of State, Nevada Insurance Commissioner’s Office, Arizona Corporation Commission and the Arizona Department of Insurance indicated that there are no compliance rules or regulation in either state regarding the servicing or underwriting of automotive warranty contracts.

2. Incorporation

Incorporated in the State of Nevada, listed as an ACTIVE corporation, since 4/25/2006.

Located at 3470 W. Cheyenne Avenue, Suite 500, North Las Vegas, 89032

http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source= ... -Q&split=0

Outstanding Shares: 1,000
Share Value $0.01
Capitalization $10.00

Agent: Karen Trert
President: Wayne Craig
Treasurer: Terry Grant
Secretary: Terry Grant
Director: Ben Nuon

Here is a printout of the corporation on record:

[attachment=4:1qsstoq3]NV Corp.pdf[/attachment:1qsstoq3]

Also, incorporated in the State of Arizona, listed as an ACTIVE FOREIGN corporation (think subsidiary to the corporation registered in NV) in GOOD STANDING, since 9/25/2007

http://starpas.azcc.gov/scripts/cgiip.e ... ORPORATION

Here is the agent’s name and physical mailing address: Karen Trert, 12905 W. WINDSOR AVE, AVONDALE, AZ 85323

http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source= ... 16&iwloc=A

Agent: Karen Trert
CEO: Wayne Craig
Other Officer: Terry Grant
Director: Wayne Craig
Director: Terry Grant
20% or Greater Shareholder: Ben Nuon (per 2008 Annual Report)

Here is a printout of the AZ Corporate Records:

[attachment=3:1qsstoq3]AZ Corp.pdf[/attachment:1qsstoq3]


From the top page of the Genuine Warranty Solutions – Motor Vehicle Services Contract Application (form: GWAC-05/20091/2) …


“The Motor Vehicle Service Contract is underwritten by American Capital Underwriting, Ltd., 95 Wilton Road, suite 3, London, England SW1V-1BZ”
There is NO SUCH ENTITY registered with the United Kingdom’s Companies House. Companies House is an UK Government Entity that manages a registry of corporate information. :doh:

http://wck2.companieshouse.gov.uk/7c104 ... ompanyInfo

Google Maps UK also places 95 Wilton Road, London, England, SW1V-1BZ as a Mailboxes Etc. I assume Suite 3 is mailbox 3.

[attachment=1:1qsstoq3]MBE ETC.jpg[/attachment:1qsstoq3]

http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?f=q&sourc ... 6&t=h&z=21

Other Businesses using the address 95 Wilton Road, Suite 3, London, England include:

Kyotee – Adult Store
http://kyotee.co.uk/uk-business-directo ... Stores.htm
European Barter – Business Unknown
Goldstein Inequitas – Securities Trading

Jetcrystals, ArtMotion, JcFX Web Services, Global Securities Consulting and American Capital Underwriting … you get the picture. :oops:

Here is the search I used …

http://www.google.com/search?q=95+Wilto ... tartPage=1

Lastly, Wayne Craig reports that “Gorilla Marketing prides itself in working with only warranty company underwriters that are A, A+ and A++ rated by AM Best, and with only the largest reinsurance carriers in the world.”

http://www.prlog.org/10061605-gorilla-m ... alers.html

More on this in the FINAL ANALYSIS section below.


It is impossible to conduct research on Genuine Warranty Solutions and not come across the names Ben Evans or Ben Nuon. In a nutshell, Ben Evans, owner of Exotic Warranty out of Florida was arraigned in May 2008 for Criminal Grand Theft and illegal business practices with respect to automotive warranty contracts.

Here are some links to news articles and court documents:
http://www.free-press-release.com/news/ ... 47119.html
http://www.prlog.org/10065443-ben-evans ... arges.html
http://www.fldfs.com/Receiver/ExoticWar ... uments.htm

It is alleged that Ben Evans goes by his wife’s maiden name of Nuon, hence, the alias Ben Nuon. If you have been following so far, Ben Nuon is listed as a Director in Genuine in the State of Nevada, and listed as a major stakeholder (20% or greater) in Genuine in the State of Arizona.

Here is the link to the flickr site hosting wedding pictures of Evans/Nuon from 2006:


Is this the same person (Ben Evans aka Ben Nuon)? Why would you list a person with criminal and legal issues on your Board?


In the 2008 Annual Report for Genuine Warranty Solutions filed with the Arizona Corporate Commissions (filed 2/13/2008), there are two highly questionable declarations ….

http://starpas.azcc.gov/scripts/cgiip.e ... ORPORATION

Question 10.A.3.(b) Certificate of Disclosure (the gist of it is this … you need to click the link above and read it yourself)

Has any officer, director, or person who controls 10% or more been subject to injunctions, decrees, judgements within the seven preceeding years for consumer fraud?

ANSWER (by Wayne Craig) = NO

Question 10.B (similarly … but you need to read the PDF filed with the State of Arizona)

Has anyone with 20% or greater control/interest been subject to bankruptcy or receivership in another corporation?

ANSWER (by Wayne Craig) = NO

Question 12. Signatures … (again, paraphrased)

I/We certify to the best of our belief and knowledge all attachments and answers to be true under the penalty of perjury.

Signed, Wayne Craig, 2/13/09.


Ben Nuon is not a director in the State of Arizona but is listed as 20% or greater shareholder in Genuine Warranty Solutions. If Ben Nuon is Ben Evans, should Wayne Craig as CEO and President of Genuine Warranty Solutions have known about Ben Evans/Ben Nuon’s legal issues? Ben Evans was indicted and arraigned less than 90 days (May 7, 2008) following the 2008 AZ Annual Report filing (2/13/2009).


http://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/0/3 ... 97975.html
http://www.ferrarichat.com/.../showthre ... e+Warranty
http://www.complaintsboard.com/complain ... 91380.html

Here is some friendly advice. Ignore most of the postings. People will more often complain and post than put glowing endorsements in forums and boards about ANY Automotive Warranty Services Company. Despite all the negative postings, these have not translated to BBB complaints against Genuine Warranty Solutions.

Wayne Craig has indicated that most negative postings are by scrupulous competitors with fictitious names and complaints with only 1 post to their name. And in my opinion, there may be truth to this. I noticed across several forums, user IDs starting with “J” (JLo, JayZ, JMaster … you get the picture) post flaming and derogatory comments about W4W and Genuine.

In similar fashion, those with glowing and positive remarks are people with 1 post. Could this be counterintelligence at work?

There are too few credible postings. Those that I consider credible are those with issues and responses by Wayne/Genuine Warranty (here are two):

Title: “Information NOT Accurate”
http://www.ripoffreport.com/WARRANTIES- ... .htm#aday5

http://www.ripoffreport.com/Warranty-Co ... -cadpc.htm


1. Warranties4Wheels is BBB Accredited in AZ with A+ rating

2. Genuine Warranty Solutions is BBB Accredited in AZ with A- Rating. They had 2 claims filed with BBB in the past 3 years. Compare and contrast that to Royal Administration with 84 filed complaints in the past 3 years.

3. Underwriting.

We know W4W sells the VSCs. We know that Genuine Warranty Solutions is the Administrator. Who backs (underwrites) the contracts? I’ve seen postings from Wayne that they are backed by Virginia Surety, Great American, and American Capital Underwriting.

Here is the reference to Virginia Surety:

http://www.prlog.org/10061605-gorilla-m ... alers.html

*** To be fair, I did no research or validation with Virginia Surety as this information came late in my review. Someone else can verify.

Here is the reference to Great American: (Title: Information NOT Accurate)

http://www.ripoffreport.com/WARRANTIES- ... .htm#aday5

*** To be fair, I did no research or validation with Great American as this information came late in my review. Someone else can verify/

The reference to American Capital Underwriting (already busted).
*** I did conduct a verification of this company as it was listed in the contract application sent to me. Since we determined that American Capital Underwriting does not exist, I assume that Genuine Warranty Solutions is self-insured (meaning they are carrying all the risks).

4. Misinformation

Wayne responds on ripoffreport.com and the title of his rebuttal is “Information NOT accurate”:

http://www.ripoffreport.com/WARRANTIES- ... .htm#aday5

Let’s break it down:

“We do not not sell Warranties through dealers as they claim, we offer them direct to the general public only.”

*** What about this link for dealers? :snooty:


“Botumkesar Nuon is the owner of Genuine Warranty.”


*** There is NO Botumkesar Nuon in the corporate filings in NV or AZ. Does anyone want to spring $39.95 for a background check on Intelius.com for a Botumkesar Nuon? In addition, there are no owners listed in the NV filings for a company with a working capital of $10. Ben Nuon is listed as a 20% shareholder (owner) in the Genuine Warranty Solutions Inc. in AZ. Reference the 2008 Annual Report at (Question 6. Shareholders):

http://starpas.azcc.gov/scripts/cgiip.e ... ORPORATION

Also, I made a late-breaking connection (of sorts). Go back to the Flickr site …


There is a picture of the happy couple stealing a kiss in the sunset. The picture caption states (and I quote) …


Ben and Kesar kissing at sunset, right after the wedding.

I’ll wager that Kesar is the first name of his wife. Nuon is the maiden name. And that Botumkesar Nuon is some kind of play of words, anagram, or simply a stupid joke by Wayne to conceal Ben Evans (aka Ben Nuon). :x

“They [Genuine Warranty Solutions] are fully licensed by the Nevada Department of Insurance”

*** Wrong. There is no Nevada Department of Insurance. There is the Nevada Insurance Commissioner’s Office. The Division of Insurance under this office deals with consumer affairs (where automotive warranties would fall under). In speaking with a Division of Insurance Compliance Officer, it was communicated that there are NO LICENSING, COMPLIANCE or STATE REGULATIONS with respect to VSCs. A similar call to the Arizona Department of Insurance garnered the same result - NO LICENSING, COMPLIANCE or STATE REGULATIONS with respect to VSCs.

So there are government employees unaware of their state regulations (not a first) or somebody else got it wrong. I must point out that Ben Evans was cited (among other reasons) as an UNAUTHORIZED INSURER in the State of Florida because he was servicing and underwriting VSCs without a state license. This is what prompted me to call both the Nevada Division of Insurance and the Arizona Department of Insurance.

5. The GWS Business Model seems inconsistent with a multi-million dollar enterprise.

Lastly, Wayne made a comment in boasting about the strength of Genuine Warranty Solutions in which he stated that over $1M has been paid out. For the life of me, I cannot find that post (perhaps a reader of this posts knows of the link). Let’s assume that Wayne’s statement is true.

If the company paid out over $1M in claims over the 2 years (since 9/25/2007) that Genuine Warranty Services has been incorporated, it assumes that the company has taken in more than $1M in premiums to cover overhead costs. Costs like (for example),

*Bonds from Virginia Surety Company (as stated by Wayne),
*Corporate Liability Insurance,
*Attorney Retainer Fees,
*Advertising (including the Official and Exclusive Barrett-Jackson sponsorship),
*Employees (with paid benefits),
*Website administration for W4W and Genuine Warranty Solutions,
*800 numbers for claims intake,
*Software subscriptions to various manufacturer parts and diagnostic libraries, and
*Credit Card Processing Fees and
*Other related computer systems to manage, administer and pay claims.

Isn’t there enough working capital to move the W4W and Genuine Warranty Solutions operations from residences on the same street (12905 and 12913 W. Windsor Avenue) to more appropriate office buildings/settings? :think:


I make no assertions that either sponsors or negates W4W, Genuine Warranty, or GMGL Marketing Services. This was an interesting exercise (for me) in research and due diligence about several related entities. I’ve pasted the many links from which I obtained my information so that readers can follow or dispute my narratives. I utilized resources freely available without spending any monies to dig deeper (someone else can do that if they want).

On the positive side, BBB Accreditation is a strong positive for W4W and Genuine Warranty Solutions. :thumb: On the flip side, there are irregularities (of fact) and (bad – let’s hope) assumptions about how these entities might be operating.

As I stated, if you discount W4W/Genuine Warranty as an option for your Range Rover, there is just one other option (IAP OEM) left.

Who does not want a multi-year, factory-like, mechanical & electrical breakdown, wear & tear included, “air bladder” for the Range Rovers, unlimited mileage VSC? That can only be provided by W4W and Genuine Warranty Services. It is the ideal coverage for Range Rovers owners out of factory coverage.

I will end with the following sayings ...

? Never look a gift horse in the mouth
? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.
? All that glitters is not gold

Pick one.

About Me

I am first and foremost a car enthusiast. I’ve owned Toyotas/Lexus, Hondas/Acura, Mazdas, BMWs, Audis, and several Land Rovers. I am on this forum as a Range Rover owner. I am senior manager in one of the country's largest financial institutions (so I don't work for a competitor of W4W or GWS).

And YES, I have more than 1 post.


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Re: Warranties4Wheels/Genuine Warranty Solutions - In Depth Look

Great post, lots of information. I looked into W4W and it seemed liek I was prseeured into a sale and was blasted when I said the price was too high. I will take the money that I would have spent on the warranty and put in a safe place for a possible future repair.

Once again, thanks for the information.

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Alarm bells rang for me when I noticed the underwriting company info on the quote I was sent through.

I did the same checks as you & couldn't find anything on American Capital Underwriting, Ltd.

Too many loose ends for me on this one & I think I'll look somewhere else.

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I for one am speechless.

Not at the probably nefarious and possibly illegal activities of W4W et al, but at the shear depth and content of your investigation.
Well done. :clap:

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Great job, thank you for sharing this with us.
I spent many hours researching extended warranties from numerous sources came up frustrated and very concerned that most of what was offered was "too good to be true".
Totally intriguing the depth and breadth of the illusions created by some of these companies (using the company term loosely). I received reams of paper from Warranties 4 Wheels, so much so I became suspicious......when I have stuffed rammed down my throat about how good a company is, how big it is, how legitimate it is, loads of wonderful referrals, I usually become very skeptical.
Having said that I have not experienced an nasty calls from them, only a couple of follow up calls and emails. They were very cordial.

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Great input! I'm not into warranties, but I must say you've done a great service to many with this info.
It reminds me how anyone can come up with ideas to make money, either ethically or not, and we will give them money without doing much research to support their claims.
I get a kick out of the alias they used too...

“Botumkesar Nuon is the owner of Genuine Warranty..."

Bottom Kisser Nuon? What a hoot! :lol:

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Any more positive or negative feedback on Genuine Warranty Solutions? I'm considering them, as my car had a warranty from them previously, but reading this it seems like a scam...

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All extended service contracts are only as good as the company that can stand behind them. I used to buy these contracts but was burned by one division of Royal Administrator. The company went bust and took my $3,500 cash that I never used for a single repair.

Years, later I just pay out of pocket for repairs.

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wow I just purchased this earlier this year. I am getting very nervous now.
Have you made a claim yet?

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As a new member, I am surprised that only these two warranty companies are being mentioned. I know for a fact that the NAC line of plans and services are pretty darn good, have had them on other cars that i own and they do offer a rather comprehensive near factory OEM warranty for less than any of these other companies mentioned. http://nationalautocare.net/default.htmNAC National Auto Care and is located in Columbus, they too have an excellent BBB rating, have been in business for near 30 years now and specialize in all classes of vehicles. I believe they are actually owned by Assurant which is by far one of the largest names in insurance.
When I went shopping long ago, I took to task in researching them and also the dealers that actually sell their plans. As with all plans, trying to buy them through the Rover dealers has proven to be a pretty costly purchase, however, I did contact them at their toll free number, 800-548-1875 and they provided me the name of a dealer that specialized in these rare beasts and I'll tell you, the experience has been great. ContegoDirect.comhttps://www.contegodirect.com/ was the Agent that I ended up going with. They have a web presence and their number is 866-629-6576. Very helpful, informative and fast. Not only was I able to secure the NAC Pinnacle program for my Sport but the cost was nearly $800 less than what a comparable dealer was looking to sell the same plan for. For those so inclined, they even offered to finance the plan through Paylink for 18 months at 0%. The process took only a couple minutes and I had the contract emailed to me within minutes. All this, from the comfort of home, no high pressure sales, and some $ left in my pocket just in time for the holidays.
I hope this info helps, if anyone is in the market, I would strongly suggest you take a moment and get a quote. No I am not a paid endorsement, just a satisfied customer that wants to share some savings with other fellow Rover owners.

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I hae a 2006 RR SC and I was ripped off by W4W and GWS.

More than a year ago my fuel sender and air suspension pump fail. I both case GWS did make partial payment for the replacements. They did not pay the full shop rate and wouldn't pay for OEM parts prices although there were no aftermarket parts available at that time.

Stick with the extended warranty offered by your dealer or what ever other reputable warranty you can find.

Do not buy from this slime filled scam company or you will be sorry.

Wayne Craig is as unprofessional as they get and screams at you like a maniac on the phone, will call you a lyer and accuse you of misstreating you vehicle casuing failure. Terry Grant is just a as bad.

This is a quote from Terry Grant of GWS

"While we understand Mr. ______ desire to have the replacement of his vehicles
suspension compressor and fuel level sensor covered by his service contract,
regrettably this is not possible because these identical parts were replaced and paid for
only 15 months ago on July 24, 2009. We maintain that this service parts warranty
claim should be covered by Land Rover, the parts manufacturer

It's interesting that parts that are out of factory warranty "should" be covered by the factory warranty.

The fact is they are not covered by the factory and therefore are covered by the extended warranty who is now not taking responsibly

STAY AWAY! Or you will be sorry.

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I too have been ripped. They are professional claim deniers worthy of a class action lawsuit. I read my contract over and over and fully understood what I was purchasing. Started to worry when my LR Dealer said on the phone that "I'll submit it to Genuine for you, but they NEVER pay claims." I submitted a petty $350 thermostat claim and they denied it because the thermostat has a plastic housing. Amusing, huh. I challenged and got past that, then was declined in round II because the contract does not cover failures that are the result of overheating. My dealer and I reiterated that the thermostat failed first, which led to the overheating. I've been challenging them since October on this. The BBB (what a joke) is involved, but not really assisting in any meaningful way. I also have the credit card company and Attorney involved to get a refund.

Go with a reputable company or self insure your truck. Don't trust them just because they are a sponsor of this excellent site.

Wayne and Terry will eventually read these posts and respond that we should all read our contracts, then call us liars, then scream at us, then post fake testimonials. Trust me and every other multi-thousand dollar scam victim, they suck. Run away.

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The BBB closed my complaint as an impasse stating that GWS made and adequate attempt to solve the problem. What a joke.

In his imaginary land he believes that parts that have 1 year factory warranty one them actually have 2 year warranty.

Just so no one else makes the mistake of buying a fake warranty from these guys. Here are 3 emails from Wayne Craig:

"Work was already fixed and paid for previously. Go back the repair facility that did the work and they need to fix it under their warranty. Thanks.+

"Sorry, you need to go back where done, parts have a 24 month warranty from a dealer."

"Every part has a warranty on it as well as the facility that performs the repair guarantees their labor. Some parts have even longer warranties on them."

Wayne M. Craig
Warranties 4 Wheels
Auto Warranty Specialists
Office 623 935 7988
Cell 602 418 1134
Fax 623 388 6668

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newbie here,
I found this topic doing an internet search.

I can confirm warranties4wheels.com is dishonest, Ive been dealing with those losers over a claim.
they deny most claims over their "exclusion clause"
they exclude ALL rubber and plastic parts.
think about that a while.
if it has ANY plastic or rubber involved, they will deny the claim.

pure and total scam.

i'll accept my anal raping from them, but it wont be laying down, it will be standing up and screaming. If I can keep people from from giving Wayne their hard earned $$, we'll be even :pray:

( Im the proud owner of an LR3)

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Yup, I just keep scratching my head wondering why these guys are featured so prominently on the main website.


Back when I first bought my RR, I called them specifically because I saw them on this site and believed that they wouldn't be featured on the main page of such a prominent community if they weren't reputable. I hadn't yet seen any unfavorable reports, but I keep seeing stuff like this on the forums, and I am more and more happy that I paid attention to all the alarm bells in my head (overly vague, shady sounding, etc) and I never signed up with these guys (or any other company for that matter). They hounded me for weeks with harassing calls after I flatly told them I was no longer interested.

If I owned this site, I'd have yanked that page long ago, so I wouldn't have to hear complaints from people who got taken.

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linuxfreakus said:
Yup, I just keep scratching my head wondering why these guys are featured so prominently on the main website.
Their original placement on the main pages would have been via general info as well as paid advertisement. An email has been sent to John to remove them from the main pages.
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