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Want a RRS but need some advice please

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Hello all, I currently own a BMW 335i coupe and I love it. However my wife and I are expecting our first baby in a couple of months and I need to sell my coupe for something a bit bigger. She has an Acura RL and we don't want to sell it so I'm seriously considering a RRS.

I'm looking into an '06 non-SC due to its price range being close to what I'll sell the Bimmer for. The problem that I'm running into is that everyone I know is advising me against the RRS due to reliability and repair cost. My Bimmer is under warranty and I haven't had any problems so far but I'm worried about what everyone is saying about the RRS (all Range Rovers for that matter). My best friend owns a very large used car dealership http://ecarone.com/ so I can get it or any other car at his wholesale cost but even he is advising against it. I've always owned either a Mercedes or BMW and he recommended that I stick to an '07 ML500 or an '07 X5 4.8i. I'm happy with either of those but I love the way the RRS looks and feels. It's like a Bentley SUV is there was such a thing but I don't care to spend all my days at the dealership fixing problems!

I'm not asking that you all waste your time and answer all my questions, but maybe you guys can lead me to a few posts of common problems that I can expect.

One of my neighbors had an '06 RR HSE that blew the engine at 54k miles due to an oil pan leak. But then my other neighbor has the same car and has driven it for two years trouble free... I'm confused and need some help please.

I'd love to have one of these beautiful cars but I just need to know what to expect. The other problem is that my budget is limited to the car's price and maybe $3,000 for a powertrain warranty. If money was no object, I would have just bought a 2010 and called it a day.

Thanks for your help. :)
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i think the RRS (and LR3 for that matter) are the exceptions to the previous LR reputation for reliability and repairs. there are a good number of us with early model RRS that have had very little problems. my wife drives a 2000 BMW 540i. i would say it's at least as comparable to that E39 to keep the RRS purring. didn't JD Powers rank the RRS #2 in its class for dependability?
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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