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I tried to get to the bottom of this issue a while ago. Don't take what I say as gospel but my understanding is that only the autobography models and above (Holland & Holland etc) use real burl walnut veneer. Anything less (like my 98 4.6 HSE) is a paper film - if you have a look at the glovebox trim at the end you can see the cross section of it - a bit of untidy finishing if ever it existed.

The crowds that offer the stick on kits appear to use an epoxy resin. I tried to get a straight answer out of a few of them - is it or is it not real burr walnut wood but couldn't. The price difference is the give away. I'm not sure what the OEM stick on kits are made of.

I recently had my Ranger done by Silvercrest woodwork and design in the UK with real burl walnut venner. The work was expensive but first class. It looks better than the original I think - for example, on the main console instead of running the finish horizontally along the top and bottom of the switches it was recessed in and around the switches which looks really good. The good folk there seemed to have the low down on this issue. Also used the opportunity to upgrade to the later drinks holder.



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