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VSS (Vehicle Speed Signal) and Reverse for GPS

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I have a Blaupunkt TravelPilot to install and wondering where the best places to tap these signals for a 2000 MY. I have done several searches and got various answers. One said from behind the instrument cluster going into the Speedo. Other one did it at the BECM. I have also tried to use RAVE, but not the greatest at reading electrical schematics. Anyone done this that needed both speed and reverse signals and what is the easiest to get for both? Would be nice if they were both in similar location.

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Reverse Signal: Becm Connector No.13 - Plug No. C361/1291 (White 18 Pins) Pin No.5

Speed Sensor: Becm Connector No.15 - Plug No. C253/1279 (White 20 Pins) Pin No.10

Thanks so much Col.
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