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2002-2005 Range Rover MkIII / L322
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I have fitted an Aussie Traxide Dual battery system which has been faultless for around 18 months. The second battery is to power my Amateur Radio transceiver. It is not switched through the ignition. I’m thinking that one of my delightful grandchildren may have switched in the unit and over a period of time the battery was discharged. After recharging the battery with a smart charger I decided to check the feed voltage on the positive cable that terminates in the fuse compartment in the cargo area. This is where the second battery gets its charge from via circuitry to isolate the two batteries when required. The engine start battery was floating at about 12.7v. The voltage at the other end was fluctuating between 12.4 and 11.5V indicating an intermittent current draw. This variation causing a bit of havoc with the Dual Battery Isolation system. The large cable attached at that point in the fuse compartment I am told is the supply for the compressor. The compressor appears to work fine. The car raises slightly to the correct height when started and the compressor turns off when the car height has been adjusted.
I am interested to know how I could find out whether there is an intermittent fault in that positive line. Has anyone had this problem? Any ideas would be appreciated. I am reasonably handy and to date have managed to sort out the few issues I have had with the car in the past 5 years.
Sincere thanks in advance.
Brian ( Bungee)
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