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Vinyl wrap that matches the Carpathian Grey the closest

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I ordered Narvik Black and after seeing the video of RRS in Carpathian Grey i'm totally in love.

I intended to use paint protection like clear bra but after seeing the video above i plan to use plain regular wrap with the darkest gray wrap i can find. I know that regular vinyl wrap doesn't offer the same protection as clear bra but i'm willing to risk it.

Anywho, can you recommend me some brand name wrap that has similar shade of dark grey?

Thank's a lot.
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You can usually order samples. I think they are about $3.
I would find an installer in your area and see what colors they can order. There are many choices, certainly you can find a dark grey that will work.

Usually Avery Dennison or 3M are the companies used for the wraps.
Yeah but the challenge i'm having here is that shops in my country have only the most used colors (black, white, silver, etc ...) on stock and order the less used ones when someone actually asks for them.

I tried looking at avery dennison and 3m color swatches but it seems that they don't have the color i'm looking for in their palette.

That's why i wanted to know if someone here had any experience with wrapping their car in similar color .

3m color guide
Avery Dennison colors
Not many folks here have wrapped an entire vehicle. It's usually just a roof or hood inset. You are most likely entirely on your own in this search.
Please look for wrapped cars in real first. I was highly unimpressed once I got a car wrapped as the shine is never that deep than real lacquer and I did not like it (even the tone was perfect).

So please check this upfront, before you invest in this.
Thanks everyone!
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