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vibration/ noise at 1900-2000rpm

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Hey all, Mery christmas and all that jazz,

After the recent snow here, i have noticed a very annoying (and usually for me, worrying) noise eminating from what sounds to be from the left hand front side of the car.
it seems unusual to me that it really does only occur between 1900 and 2000 revs, it doesnt matter whether its going uphill, flat, downhill whatever, there it is!

anyone else had similar problems? normally id just leave it at my mechanics until his magic hands have done thier job but he is away until the 4th Jan and ive got some long drives to do over the next couple of weeks!

Any advice gratefully recieved!

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Have you looked at your UJoints yet?
no not yet, would they produce a noise at only one rev range then? i would have thought they would have made noise all the time of they were shot?
When I first got my Rangi I drove through a big snow/puddle deal and I started hearing the noise which you are describing I took the car to the stealer ( first and last time ) they put in on the lift started going through everything and the price started going up! What it turned out to be was the heat shield had broken through the studs and was rubbing against the drive shaft.

which heatsheild scotty? centre muffler? think i might have to go take a thirld look!
Does it do it in neutral, or only while driving?

If while driving, will it do it in any gear, or just the final gear?
ive just been out again, and it is doing it in neutral, though not anywhere near as bad and it will do it in any gear. confused!

While i was under there i noticed that the rear harmonic dampner is at a perfect 90deg angle to rear axle, should the front one be 90deg too? because it isnt!
The front harmonic damper is at an angle to ensure it misses the sump during suspension travel.
thanks ghurr, i was hoping that was the case, oh well, one suspect out of the way! NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yep, I get that sound too, but only when the engine is under load. So if i haven't given enough throttle, and its sitting just under 2000rpm trying to get up a hill, I get that little buzzing noise.

From the drivers (right hand here) it sounds like its coming from the far left of the car. No idea what it is

It only happens if i'm going uphill at too-low rpm, while cruising I haven't noticed it.
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