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Had a really bad vibration and judder which seemed to be coming fom the rear axle on my LSE. After looking on this forum I thought it was most likely to be the universal joints on the propshafts. I checked the front prop first and found that one of the U/J's was completely knackered. Here's a photo of old and new -

After replacing both U/J's it runs fine now. I am going to replace the rear ones next. I was lucky, the joint was just hanging in there, so I will need to pay more attention to these in future.
In my joy at fixing yet another problem I went out to drive some byways in my local area. Decided to drive a new one to me. It turned out to be less of a track and more of a boulder strewn alley way, which got more narrow and almost impassable the further we went. Both me and my passenger where amazed and relieved when we got out at the other end with only a dent to the rear wing.

Alarm/immobilser - I had a problem with this which was surprisingly simple once I worked it out (which took some time, I can tell you). The LSE has a Sigma alarm/immobiliser fitted after market, I think. After taking the dash board apart to investigate a fault it would not start. There's an aerial antenna, shown
[attachment=2:2byp15kz]antenna loop.jpg[/attachment:2byp15kz]

which needs to be in position around the ignition switch, photo -


I did not refit the antenna loop correctly the first time and the car would not start. The loop needs to be around the ignition switch to pick up the key fob sender. Correctly fitted, the car starts.
This last photo was taken on Salisbury Plain. It's next to where the Army practice for the next war. That's a friend in the car and the dog ( the one with the wet nose ). As the owners manual says, "it's a multi-purpose vehicle". It's the best car I have had and the least reliable! Safe motoring. Great site and really helpful.


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