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We had some very heavy rain two days ago. Last year it would rain and there would be issues with water coming into the rear left compartment. I thought I had it all sealed up nicely, as I haven't had any issues in a long time. I live in South Florida so heavy rain is common. A few days ago we had a massive dump of rain come in. I started up the car and boom a ton of very odd issues have presented themselves.

Here's the situation:

1) The speedometer does not show any light indicators (no blinkers, hazards, high beams, or even lights on) It does however show the gear, all guages work, and it shows things like cruise control if I activate it

2) The radio controls do not work on the steering wheel (however the cruise buttons do)

3) The reverse lamps do not turn on when I put the transmission in reverse, however, I speedometer indicates R

4) When I remove the key from the vehicle, after turning it of I have no reminders of headlights being on, headlight delay, and no chime

5) Unlocking and locking the car with the key fob works but the blinkers do not blink and courtesy lights do not turn on

I tried to use my little iCarsoft Rover/Jaguar i930 to connect to the instrument pack and the LCM however the connection failed each time. I have checked the LCM for water and cleaned all connectors and connected it back up. I have not checked the speedometer yet, but I will.

What do you guys think is going on? I have a backup camera tied into the reverse light 12v and it does not activate, so there is no power being send to the reverse lights - that's a fact. Should I consider replacing the LCM? Could it be caused by something in the trunk? It happened immediately after a heavy rain, and the only place where water has come in has always been the rear left trunk compartment.

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