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I have a membership at Area 27 (www.area27.ca) and we are thinking about a couple of dates for hosting a track day this year. Not expecting many Range Rovers but I know a lot of you have another weekend car or two kicking around.

The idea is to have a pretty laid back event – we’ll have the whole day so no need to feel pressured to go too fast too quick. For those who have driven the track before, hold a current race license or have completed an ASN approved driving school, there will be an ‘Advanced’ group. For those who are new to the track and don’t hold one of those qualifications we will start off a little slower with some instruction and ‘follow the leader’ to get everyone up to speed safely first, and then move on to open lapping later in the day.

The event will be open to VelocityAP invited customers & guests only, not to the general public. We expect a mix of Astons, Mclarens, Jags, Audis & Lambos, reflective of our customer base. We are located in a very nice part of the world, with over 400 wineries in the valley and a warm, dry climate. It would be very easy to combine with a short driving holiday and some wine touring:

Potential Dates:
August 30th
September 23rd
September 29th
October 3rd

The cost would likely be IRO $1000 CAD for the full day with a catered lunch + something like $200 for a private winemaker’s dinner in the evening. Accommodation would be recommended at https://www.watermarkbeachresort.com/ and https://spiritridge.hyatt.com/en/hotel/home.html about 15 minutes South from the track.

If you could indicate your interest and what dates you might be able to attend that would be great. We are looking for some indication on interest before committing to a date.
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