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Read the air suspension description and operation on the main pages of Rangerovers.net.

The puff you hear when you switch off the car is the air compressor stopping and blowing off the air that is inside the hose towards the diaphram valve which is deactivated when you switch off or when the compressor stops.
The filter you are referring to is the air dryer which bonds the water in the system of the water entering and releasing it together with the air that exits. Filters are on the suction side of the compressor and a silencer at the exit point of the air.

To check whether air is going towards the tank, diconnect the hose towards the tank and start the car and see whether you get the air from the compressor. If you have problems with the air not going where it should recheck the 3 non return valves in the block for proper installation and also check if the air is not exiting through the silencer when the compressor runs if it is your diaphram is not working properly.


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