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Vacuum leaks / Smoke check

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I had the code for P0171 bank 1 lean , so i replaced front O2 sensor then cleaned back sensors , replaced spark plugs and coils , etc all of which it needed anyway and helped but I have a intermittent code for bank one and it will miss fire under the right load also . Sometimes runs perfect. anyway did a smoke test . 1 leak was easy around the bottom of the oil filler cap tube. Replaced O rings 2nd leak is around the EGR valve solenoid. Im thinking of just doing a block off plate between the EGR and the solenoid . Has anyone been able to link this small vacuum leak to driveability issues ? Anyone else with vacuum leak around EGR valve solenoid ?
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Something to consider re: EGR bypass, is the ECM's ability to "see" the change. It could lead to CEL and power limited issues. One other thing to consider is the possibility of ping under certain load conditions. Typically, the advances are optimized for EGR, and bypassing it can lead to other issues. Ray
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