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Using the EAS system for other things...

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When I bought my '95 P38a it had already been fitted with Springs and had the bags removed. So now my questions are: Has anyone used the "factory system" for other things like tire inflation, and other assorted tasks? What would the drawback be to doing this? Would it be easier, or more dependable to just replace the compressor with an after market unit? How would you wire in a switch? Etc etc... your thoughts...

PS, love the knowledge on this forum, and i hope to contribute soon. However for the guy that has no experience under the hood i am trying to do lots of learning right now. Thanks for all the help.
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There's a number of posts on here showing the eas system used for tyre inflation, air ratchets etc fed from the tank and either the stock eas compressor or more HD compressor to refill. There's also a couple where rock sliders have been designed to provide additional air storage.
I think there's also a video clip or two on here.
Have a search.
Thanks for the info i knew it was on here i just could not find it...(after about 15 minutes of searches on EAS)

Now all i have to do is figure out is the electrical (on/off switch) for the stock compressor.

thanks again.
The pump has a pressure switch built into it (I think) so there's no need for an on/off switch. Just hook it back up and you should be good to go as long as the eas relay and such hasn't been messed with.

But... if it has, hooking up a simple on/off relay would be easy. Just make sure you hook up a pressure gauge so you don't overfill the tank. I'm not about to search for it, but there's a description somewhere on which wires to connect to make it run... there's only three to choose from anyway.

There's a orange, green, and black wires. I'm pretty sure orange is 12v, green is pressure, and black is ground. I think you can just join the orange and green, then supply it with power...and ground the black to get it to run. I could be way off though. Shupack (dennis) and jsmooth would know better than me.
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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