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Rover Range Rover, with the luxury concept of British aristocracy, leads the coquettish style, and wins the recognition of consumers with its more fashionable and luxurious atmosphere. As a high-end member of the Range Rover family, the Range Rover executive model has been equipped with LCD air conditioners since 2018, so that the cab has the blessing of LCD dual-screen technology, adding a sense of future technology and fashion.

For the owners of the old Range Rover, it is also a very tempting experience to beautify the car and install the LCD air conditioner. After all, this is an era when we are accustomed to mobile phone touch screens. Many veteran drivers have a sense of science and technology brought by the dual-screen Range Rover after the 18th model. After the new model, the central control has been upgraded with an upper and lower dual-screen entertainment system. The air conditioner has been changed from the original physical button panel to a full LCD display control.

With the rapid development of automotive electronics, starting from the 2018 model, Land Rover’s new LCD screen has been upgraded, which is also a change that more conforms to the control habits.

▲ 13-17 air conditioning physical panels

▲ 18-21 LCD air conditioner interface


▲ NaviHua Old to new LCD air conditioner panel



NaviHua Technology Limited launched the "old-to-new" concept for Land Rover Range Rover, and developed 10-inch LCD air conditioners to replace the old physical air conditioner panels. In this way, it conforms to the new fashion of science and technology, and uses more intelligent control methods to bring the driving pleasure of keeping pace with the times to the driver.

Land Rover Range Rover’s old and new LCD air conditioner: It uses a 10-inch HD IPS wide-angle hard screen with a viewing angle of 178°. The display interface UI adopts the visual style of the new original car after the 2018 model. After modification, it has the same "face" as the new model. What is surprising is that the functions of the original car are unchanged, but the control habits are changed from the original physical keys to us. More familiar LCD touch screen.

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