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Updates for MY24 Range Rover - SV Bespoke, New Engines, Updated Interior

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Autocar was first, possibly not sure what the embargo date/time was. But it's live now on the Land Rover USA PR Site:


  • Enhanced personalization: SV Bespoke commissioning service offers Range Rover Autobiography and SV clients an extended choice of materials, color combinations and finishes
  • Individually curated: With up to 391 interior material colorways and 230 colors in the SV Bespoke paint palette, as well as a Match to Sample service, clients can make their Range Rover truly unique
  • Custom made: SV Bespoke commissioning service represents the pinnacle of personalization with unique embroidery and detailing available
  • Extended range: Newplug-in electric hybrid with 542hp delivers a hushed EV range of up to 51 miles for serene progress (2)
  • V8 power:V8 features mild hybrid technology, while Range Rover SV is now available with powerful new 606hp powertrain
  • Advanced innovations: Dynamic Response Pro3 electronic roll control takes composure to the next level while Terrain Response® introduces Adaptive Off-Road Cruise Control with Country Road Assist technology (6)
  • Elegantbeauty:Range Rover can be ordered now. Configure yours here: Range Rover | Luxury Performance SUV | Land Rover

Mahwah, NJ – Wednesday, May 17, 2023:Range Rover is setting a new modern luxury benchmark with the introduction of an SV Bespoke commissioning service, offering clients enhanced levels of personalization and refinement.
The service is available on Range Rover Autobiography and SV models, while a suite of enhancements across the line-up maintains Range Rover vehicle’s status as perhaps the world’s most desirable luxury SUV. Range Rover is considered the original luxury SUV and has led by example for more than 50 years, combining serene comfort and composure with extraordinary capability.
Further updates to Range Rover include the latest generation Pivi Pro infotainment, while the new plug-in electric hybrid is more powerful than before. Range Rover V8 now features mild hybrid technology, a new 606hp variant is introduced on the exclusive Range Rover SV for ultimate power.
Range Rover is synonymous with exclusivity and luxury. Now, with the new SV Bespoke commissioning service, we invite our most discerning clients to become the creator of their truly unique vehicle – choosing the finishes they desire and being guided by our Design team. By blending enhanced personalization with peerless refinement and unmatched capability, Range Rover continues to deliver the ultimate in modern luxury.


The SV Bespoke commissioning service represents the pinnacle of personalization and is available on Range Rover Autobiography and Range Rover SV. To achieve their perfect specification, clients can curate their Range Rover vehicle at the SV Bespoke Commissioning Suite in the UK, visit selected global retailers or for the ultimate convenience, complete their order online through an exclusive virtual service.
SV Bespoke provides access to a vast range of materials, and interior and exterior finishes. Clients follow a unique and comprehensive seven-step creation process that considers colors, themes, SV exclusive options, materials, veneers and finishers, customizations and personalization. Each finished vehicle promises to be as unique as its creator, although curated design combinations chosen by the Range Rover Design team are available to help clients make their dreams a reality.
Inside, there are up to 391 material colorways available, while the curated SV Bespoke paint palette comprises more than 230 colors in satin and gloss finishes. Alternatively, the SV Bespoke Match to Sample paint service can replicate any exterior color request, providing limitless scope for individuality.
The level of craftsmanship available from the experts at SV Bespoke is exemplified by the attention to detail lavished on the Range Rover hood and tailgate script, which is available in a range of precious metal finishes including 24ct gold.
The Range Rover vehicle’s extensive powertrain line-up has also been enhanced. The new powerful plug-in electric hybrid engine in the P550e feature a new 160kW electric motor which, when combined with the 3.0-litre six-cylinder Ingenium gas engine, produces 542hp.
The enhanced technology provides improved acceleration the P550e can sprint from or 0-60mph in 4.8 seconds, down from 5.2 seconds.
The effortless V8 uses Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle (MHEV) technology for the first time. The MHEV system delivers increased efficiency by harvesting energy captured when decelerating and braking, and improved responses as the stored energy is redeployed under acceleration.
A twin turbo V8 MHEV gas engine is also introduced and exclusive to the Range Rover SV, featuring an enhanced power output of 606hp and 553 lb-ft , delivering smooth and powerful performance.
The Range Rover vehicles luxurious interior combines effortless connectivity and intuitive technology like never before with the latest generation Pivi Pro nfotainment. It provides a crisp and intuitive interface, enabling clients to control key vehicle functions via the elegant 13.1-inch floating glass touchscreen.
New sidebars with easy-to-use sliding controls for the volume and climate control provide immediate and precise operation for key functions directly, whatever menu screen is displayed, and approximately 80 percent of tasks can be performed within two taps of the home screen. Haptic feedback provides an added level of tactility and communication with the user.
Integrated Amazon Alexa voice AI and Land Rover voice control systems help drivers to keep their eyes on the road while making changes to the cabin environment. Advanced Software Over The Air capability works to keep the Range Rover vehicle always up to date with the latest software, enabling the vehicle and its features to improve with age.
New Country Road Assist technology features for the first time on Range Rover to enhance passenger comfort and reduce driver effort when using Adaptive Cruise Control. The intelligent system uses navigation data to automatically adjust the target speed, taking into account bends in the road and changes to the speed limit, accelerating or decelerating the vehicle accordingly.
Following its debut in the Range Rover Sport, Dynamic Response Pro takes driving composure to new heights. The powerful electric roll control technology is designed to reduce body lean when cornering for a more engaging drive, using actuators capable of delivering up to 1033 lb-ft of torque to each axle.
The Range Rover vehicle’s unmatched all-terrain capability is also enhanced with the introduction of Adaptive Off-Road Cruise Control. A feature of the advanced Terrain Response® 2 system, it helps drivers navigate tricky terrain by maintaining steady progress according to the ground conditions. Drivers can select one of four comfort settings and the system intelligently adjusts the vehicle’s speed accordingly, allowing the driver to focus solely on steering a path across tricky terrain (6).
The enhanced Range Rover line-up is available now priced from $107,400 in the US.

Original post:

Autocar does take liberties sometimes and they might have fixed up these images but the Velar Pivi refresh already seems plausible. I hate printing guesses but this does feel real. If it's fake I'll update title. I'd prefer the interior updates to be fake.

P440e replaced with P460e, 454bhp
P510e replaced with P550e, 542bhp, 0-60 in 4.8 seconds
75 miles electric range

P615 V8 added with 607 bhp
P530 V8 gets mild hybrid upgrade

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I agree it seems to be the direction JLR are heading with HVAC dials, but now it’s just wasted space?
Interesting. I can’t imagine they get rid of the HVAC buttons on the newly designed full size after just 2 years…

I can see them doing mild hybrid v8 bc the new bmw engine has that. Ditto with higher horsepower.

Hope they don’t move to hybrid only, because given their track record in the US, that means no new rovers will arrive here 😂
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Motor 1 has seemed to confirm this with more pictures.

This panel is Gerry McGovern and the Frascella gone mad.

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That console looks so... barren. Not liking that the remove all the knobs and buttons and force all controls into the touchscreen.

I do like the new power plants though. That P550e is pretty enticing.

2015 RRS HSE SCV6, VAP stage 1
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No volume knob and no separate temp controls. Huge mistake. Value of the early model 23s just went up.
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Honestly bizarre in some ways. Good luck with the timing if those “bespoke” SVs.

Also I didn’t see that the normal P530 would get the MHEV treatment, or at least add power doing so. That sounded like SV only?

The console has to be a joke…

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HOLY CRAAAAAAA....... They've gone full Tesla with the climate/drive mode/volume controls (In a bad way).
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HOLY CRAAAAAAA....... They've gone full Tesla with the climate/drive mode/volume controls (In a bad way). IMO, the interior revisions they made are absolutely appalling (functionality wise)
yeah, very unbalanced too with the right side empty where the terrain response used to be. IDK, the engine stuff makes sense. the other design elements, not so much. Why bother putting those things in only to rip them out 2 years later on a brand new rig? time will tell, but doesn't make sense and I'm hoping it doesn't materialize.
Time to see if we can retrofit parts🤣
  • Extended range: Newplug-in electric hybrid with 542hp delivers a hushed EV range of up to 51 miles for serene progress (2)

They say 51 miles is "extended". What was the range in miles for P510e/P440e?
The P615 is already unavailable to order lol.

Also the decision to remove HVAC controls is incredibly questionable. Land Rover is pushing it.
Natural Ash is now only available for SV.
Some Changes I've Noticed :
  • SV Paints have now increased to $8,450😡
  • 7 Seat Model Now Available With Executive Rear Seats (Glitched Configurator?)
  • Executive Rear Seat Comfort/Comfort+ Now Unavailable On ATB
  • AND It Seems Like The Signature Sound System Is Back On The ATB
P.S. Has anyone found the configurator with the new layout like they showed in some photos (Photo from motor 1 website)?
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SV Paints have now increased to $8,450😡
Yeah :) Offroad SUV now becomes toy for nice ladies: more colors, more shine, more ceramic for more cash/trash. Looks like they consulted with Budweiser about marketing
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The SV Colors are back on for ATB.... at a GIGANTIC price increase. This is the UK site (US site not yet updated). 7990BP equals $10,000. I feel lucky lol. $4500 was a bargain for mine.

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