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Hi everyone,

I'm looking at a pre-owned RRS with ~42,000 miles (it appears to have been owned in the city, as opposed to suburb/rural) and what I initially believed was solid evidence of good ownership, in the form of a Carfax with extensive and frequent service records. Looking at it a second time, I'm not so sure. Here are my takeaways:

1. The vehicle was brought in very frequently for maintenance inspections often just weeks apart (completed at 318, 722, 1847, 3963, 5722, 8400, 9318, 9498, 10950, 24599, 31302, 35391, 38528, 40183 and 41600 miles)
2. Front brake rotors replaced at 5722, 9318 and 14964 miles
3. Front brake pads replaced at 5722 and 14964 miles
4. Tire repairs at 16683, 19687, 24599 and 41600 miles

While I've already test-driven the vehicle (and it seemed like it was in good condition), I can't help but wonder whether these records suggest it was tracked or otherwise subjected to driving behavior that necessitated all this maintenance? Is this a red flag?

1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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