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Something quite bad has happened /:(

I appear to have 'misplaced' my service book - firstly please feel free to insult me for my stupidity.

The last time I saw it was when I was doing some tidying/filing of car related receipts and paperwork a few months back - some of wish was disposed of, and I fear my service record was with it, a genuine mistake.

I am quite aware that landrover are not on a linked system for servicing records, so I can forsee a nasty task of trying to to re-ccoperate my record. (There so smilie for a crying man otherwise I would place it here)

Can anyone advise of how I should approach this? My last LR service was at Lookers Land rover at approximatley 50k, and then I had one at a specialist following this. Before that - I have no idea what dealerships had stamped the book.

Any advice in would really would be much appreciated :D
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