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So I was driving down a road that I frequent and there are plenty of others in my area just like it. We have a ton of old train bridges in my area that are narrow but not too narrow as 2 way traffic is allowed. In fact if you stop and wait it is possible that the on coming cars will not do the nice "every other car" rule. For the first time in a long time I went without a care. So did the other vehicle coming the other way. Everything would have been fine had the other guy remembered he had extended mirrors on his Ford pickup.

So needless to say I need atleast the following parts:

Flat mirror (heated :( )
Plastic shroud (the ones that are colored to the truck or chrome)
And the piece that surrounds the mirror that is probably black on all the trucks. Shroud connects to it in the back.

So I am sure bputah has all but they only list 2 out of the 3 parts that I think I need and time is more important than the other parts that I have ordered. I am also on the right coast so timing is probably going to be an issue. If it was the right mirror I probably wouldn't care as much but the drivers side is more important.

Besides the dealer which is 2 miles from my house what are my other choices or what do people recommend.

I can tell you that bputah is a fine place to do business with. You should also search on e-bay...typically you can find parts there from reputable firms. Other than that, sounds like the delaer or an independent shop.

Post a pic so we can see the carnage. Best of luck on the repairs?
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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