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U3000 Fault after installing a used transmission

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There are quite a few transmission related posts here already. If this is a repeat I apologize. I did a search and couldn’t find a similar problem. While reading, it does seem that a few of you are transmission “go-to” guys so I hope you can help.

We have a 2006 Rang Rover, great truck for many years. We developed some transmission issues and decided to get a used “tested” transmission. The install went great with no real issues. I thought I was in the home stretch when I filled it up with ZF fluid.

When I start it up I get a “Limited Gears” message and a “U3000” fault when I hook up my OBDII. The truck will not shift out of park.

I can disconnect the shift cable and manually shift through the gears at the input shaft.

I looked up the fault and it seems to be a generic computer-not talking to each other fault.

Do I have to get the truck re-programmed to accept a non-original transmission? Or am I missing something obvious?

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Yes, the new Mechatronic unit/transmission controller has to be coded to the vehicle. Alternatively, you can swap the old electronic module to the new valve body (hydraulic module).

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Thanks for the advice! After deliberating over the weekend (actually I was working double shifts all weekend), I set to work taking the ECU out of the transmission I took out of the truck. After removing the Valve Body I figured out how to get the ECU out.

Moving onto the new (used) transmission that I already put into the truck I was able to do the same. I then did the switch-putting the old ECU into the new (used) Valve Body.

I re-installed the assembly into the truck.

Serviced it up and what do you know, no faults, drives great (so-far).

Thanks for the help!
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