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I'm thinking about replacing my u-joints, and wanted to get your input as to which brand to buy.

I was initially leaning towards buying GKN brand, as I believe they are OEM. However, it's also the highest priced one out of a bunch, and not sure if it really is worth it.

As I was looking at several selections, I've come across the following:
GKN: $30
GMB: $18
URO: $10
Precision: $10 to $6

Of 4 selections above, all but GMB is greasable type.

As I plan on replacing all u joints, cost differentials of $10-$20 adds up.

Any thoughts?

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I have installed quite a few Precision 344 units. Be careful when ordering/picking up Precision UJoints as there are two part numbers. One with short nipple and the 344 with the extended nipple for easier service. An added plus for the 344 is that the grease nipple is not installed so you don't have to worry about it getting in the way during install.

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Just bought 4 Hardy Spicer/GKN Heavy Duty U-Joints.

Description: UJ 1300 Series + lube 27x74.6 Heavy Duty = HS160 (boxed) or U160 (unboxed) New GKN Part No. 18179

Will get them installed next week. Bought them from UK, along a bunch of other parts, so can't comment on price.

They look VERY good quality, and being a Heavy Duty part (bigger cap area) they are supposed to last a lot longer than the standard duty part. BTW, this is an OEM part.

Mine came with a Bearmach sticker (TVC100010 BUJ 6A).

Hope it helps.

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