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Tyres - will 215's fit std16in wheels

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Need to bottom out the set of winter wheels and thanks to all responses ................. understand the issue of hard vs soft compounds and accepting my budget is TINY I'm aiming to buy a set of 16" alloys and need confirmation 215mm wide tyres will fit ~~ my basic maths tells me 215 is in real money 8 3/4 inches wide - std 16In alloys are I believe are 8" wide so should not be an issue but most searches are telling me 235mm / 9.5in wide rims are the required fitment - ALL I need is to triple check is 215 tyres will fit std 16in alloys
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They'll fit, but they'll look like hell. Have you ever seen a poke and stretch? Google it.
If the rim is too wide, the flex point moves towards the rim area, causing heat buildup in the lower sidewall, which reduces tire life and could result in failure.

But it all depends on the rest of the tire specs.

215's are too narrow,as you haven't mentioned the height of those tyres as I believe 225 are the minimum on 16"x8" wide rims ?

The Rangie Classics spec 215's on 16"x7" OEM Tri-spoke rims, so this could be another option if you were really Scottish & tight.

Search on your local EBay or British Atlantic who co-sponsor this forum and check out their aftermarket 16"x7" wheels for P38's !


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Stock rims fitted to P38 Diesel were 16x7
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