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Thought I'd let you all know about my tyre shop experience today. I went in there because I'd lost a couple of wheel weights (stuck on ones) so I thought I might as well get all 4 balanced.
The first probs started when I realised they were having issues lifting the car. The called me over to raise the suspension up so they could lift it higher :doh: I had to explain to them that even if I lift it the arms will still drop down the same amount. They didn't get it.

Next I hear the nuts being revved out of my car. I go over and ask what the hecks going on and they replied ' we're getting your suspension nice and level for you' :crybaby2:

I told them it's an electric pump and no amount of revving will level the car. They were trying to get it to level with the door open also.

This wasn't a small tyre shop either. It was a large chain.

They refused to seal a leaking bead on one tyre also as it was near the limit on the inside edge. The excuse was that if anything happened they are the last people to touch the tyre. I hate legallity bs.
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