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Two weeks trying to resolve taillight moisture issue....

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My taillights begin to show moisture only when the lights are on...When the trucks off in the garage or outdoors it goes away..
Ive resealed them twice and still no positive results.....Also I just realised that one of my Chrome bulbs for the stop light have burnt out and have gotten so warm it caused the taillight to slightly melt, on both sides. Now, Im not too sure whether the warmth of the bulbs is causing the issue or of vaulty ventilation caps? Ive been trying to fix this for 2 weeks on and off..please help. /:( ive never had this issue in my prior taillights, even when one of the caps had a hole in the paper....what to doo..
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Re: Two weeks trying to resolve issue....

Hey Harmon
Lets try some LED bulbs in there to reduce the heat, maybe that will solve the issue with the laarge difference in temperatures. I think the only bulb that throws codes is the blinker. Shoot me an email.
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