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Hello everyone!

I have a 2006 range rover supercharged with an odd issue. The truck misfires on cold startup, throwing misfire codes on cylinders 7 and 8. These, as I figured, are the two cylinders on the left and right side toward the back of the engine. Compression on all cylinders is ~ 190 with throttle opened, and around 150 with throttle closed, but these two cylinders are EQUALLY low at 120 with throttle closed and 170 with throttle opened. This was taken when engine was slightly warm, and seems to improve when engine is hot. When the truck is hot, it will not throw any codes at all or feel rough in any way. Truck actually runs beautifully.

However, over the months I have had the truck, it has thrown misfire codes in nearly every cylinder randomly, yesterday I received a misfire in 7, 8, 1, and 4 when cold (around 35 degrees F). Seven and Eight always seem to misfire cold. I have changed all my spark plugs, and all the ignition coils, with no improvement.

Let me know why you guys think the cylinders aren't just low, they are dead on low with each other. I can't seem to figure it out.

Thank you!
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