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I have three cars with problems, car 1 blown head gasket being repaired.

Car 1 - 1999 P38 4.6 HSE
- fusebox part no YQE103410
One morning I turn the key and it cranks but won't start - no spark on plug
Key on position II - ABS does not prime, no aircon fan, AC LCD dead, no EAS lights, all other lights work, "check engine light" is on
RSW software reports "no faults"
Tried using EKA, forced a fault by using incorrect code, "engine immobilised" message, use correct code, accepted!

Started testing fusebox relays 30 = battery, 87 to accessory, 86 = positive, 85 = negative
Found some funnies
Relay 2 - Engine symbol (NOT ABS, fusebox changed) - both terminals 85 and 86 are positive, jumped terminals 30 and 87 - ABS primes
Relay 10 - Engine symbol (NOT spare, fusebox changed) Terminal 86 = zero volts
Relay 15 - ignition - Terminal 86 = zero volts
Relay 18 - A/C control - terminal 86 is 6.2 volt
Relay 19 - engine control - both terminals 86 and 85 are positive

Too scared to connect earth to terminal 85 for relays 2 and 19 - but explains why they don't click
Should I try connecting 12v to relays 10, 15 and 18, don't want a fire

Car 2 - 1998 P38 4.6 HSE - fusebox part no AMR6476
Turn key, engine does not crank, jump terminals 30 and 87 - engine cranks and starts, terminal 86 is 12 volt, terminal 85 = zero
Connect terminal 85 to earth, refit relay, car cranks and startsTemporary fix, ran a wire from pin 85 to inside of car, turn key, touch wire to earth bolt and car starts

I cannot interchange fuseboxes as layout different
Before I open them up, do problems sound like fusebox problems?

If there is a common earth to the fusebox then car 2 might have a broken earth connection at the relay
Car 1 seems to have multiple problems that occurred overnight, all appear to be in fusebox

Will be comparing fuseboxes of car 2 and car 3 (1998 4.6 HSE blown head gasket) if they match I will swop them and see if car 2 starts

Eagerly awaiting comments

Car 1 is my street car, fixing blown head gasket, car 2 is for off-road and the towing boat, car 3 is to use while fixing car 1
Car 3 - I got it with two Safari 5000 spotlights without brackets to mount them on A-bar, where can I find brackets, I have the stabilisers
Car 1.jpg Car 2.jpg Car 3.jpg

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William, I have a fuse box that came with my P38, but it's for a later model than mine.
I am away at work until the 28th, thoug and can't help with a P/No or anything until then.
If you are interested in it, give me a PM on the 27th or so and I will call you when I get home.

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Will do, thanks a lot
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