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alpine1 said:
Checked the fuses, all were fine.

I went out to tow it this morning and tried to start it.......fired right up. Last night it was turning over perfectly, just wouldn't fire up.

I decided to drive it home and about 3 miles down the road the RPMs jump to 2000 then 0, back to normal. I put the truck into neutral at the stop lights and reved it up to 1500 until I got home.

Just as I was about to pull into my driveway a gearbox fault message showed up, but it did not die. The fault message went out and it was running fine in the driveway.

Any ideas? Sorry for the novel...

Also, I have the truck in Michigan and it is very cold, if that makes a difference.
All those symptoms seem te indicate faulty wiring or possibly a faulty alternator. I would check the fuses and wiring, especially where you have added the wires for the lights. Turning over but not firing could pount to the ignition.
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