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Dakar said:
We're using an interim 3.9 front cover with the integral post 94 oil pump and distributor hole in the top. It's off a 95 Disco. Bolts right up to the 4.6 block.
We want a 4.6 RRC with considerably more torque than the 3.9, ie. around 300 ftlb. At this stage I'm leaning towards the Turner engine as they have an impeccable reputation for build quality.
You will need to use a spacer on the crank pulley as the 4.0/4.6 has a longer crank and will not tighten up with the 3.9 timing cover. But it is no big deal. I have ran a 4.6 with the old original timing covers as well as the interim 3.9 ones.
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