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My td6 spewed out horrible smoke clouds under brisk acceleration. It's always done this. I bought the vehicle as an 'approved selection' with 40K miles from an authorized stealer. I always suspected something was amiss, not only because of the stinky exhaust, but also because the on board computer lied thruugh it's teeth about the fuel consumption.
So I had a good root around under the bonnet in search of an offending article, and finally found the smelly rat. A small black box was inserted between the ECU and the common rail fuel sensor.
After removing it, performance was down somewhat (the sports setting on the transmission actually proves useful now), but the acrid clouds are as good as gone (I will be taking off the EGR for closer inspection next).
Being of the generally nosey persuasion, I opened up said box and found...

It seems the 'tuning' consists of a simple resistor over the common rail pressure sensor, convincing the ECU the rail pressure is to low and tricking it into overpressure.
Symptoms are as mentioned above, and the fact that it sounds like someon's rattling a box of nails when it's cold. This is also gone now.
How the injectors have handled this abuse I do not yet know. They're quite difficult to remove, and I'm leaving them be for now.

These boxes should be outlawed, and people/companies selling them should be taken out the back, put up against the nearest solid object and summarily executed.
Some people will do anything for a buck :doh:
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