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TSB for DTC P0134 and/or P0154

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I notice that Land Rover have put out a Technical Service Bulletin for 2003-2005MY petrol L322s displaying diagnostic trouble codes P0134 and/or P0154 i.e. left- and right-hand HO2S sensor inactivity.

Apparently they’ve found that water can get into the oxygen sensor connectors causing this fault to be flagged.

The solution they propose is to remove the connector boot, dry everything out and then reassemble and seal it with two cable ties to prevent a re-occurrence of the problem.



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Thank you for your post. I have been struggling with this. Inspection is next month and I am on my 3rd sensor. How do you "dry it out" and I am not sure I how to secure it with zip ties, could I just wrap the connector in electrical tape and accomplish the same goal. Thanks in advance for your counsel. It is my daughters '05 l322.
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