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True resale value?

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Currently looking at a 2005 Range Rover w/ 106,000mi. It is silver and appears in overall good condition. The issue I am running into is what the true market value is for this vehicle. There is a big variation based on which source you use. Anyone have any insight into why this is? And what price seems reasonable to the experts? Thanks in advance for any feedback.
For example:
Edmunds- $8k trade in; $9500 private party; $11400 retail
KBB - $9300-$10,500 trade in; $11,800 private party
Motortrend- $8600-$11600 trade in; $15,000 resale and lists average pricing as $13,900
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Private party around here (Washington state, USA) 12K - 15K seems pretty common. However, can I please offer you a word of advice especially on that model at 106K miles:

From another user asking about an '05
The majority of 04/05s with over 100k seem to be at or under $11k when sold by a private party. Many are listed at $8k-$9k, which sounds about right. They arent worth more than that regardless of online portals' valuations.

The 04/05s with well under 100k seem to be under $15k. I've seen '06s with around 100k for $14k - $17k. From what I've read on here, spend more to get an 06 in order to spend less on headaches.

Thanks Gorf. Your feedback is much appreciated. That thread was almost as perfect as that hairdo you are rocking. Thanks again
Thanks Nico. That is same conclusion I came away with as well. Have shifted my search and may be back with more newbie questions soon.
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