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Hi Guys,

I started a thread last week about my truck ('01 4.6 HSE, Bosch, 155k miles) dying suddenly at idle, but for some reason when I go to the thread now it just shows as a totally blank page...so starting a new thread...with a new issue anyway. So determined that the issue was the CPS and it should be replaced. I ordered the part online and it finally came the other day. Yesterday I took it to a mechanic that I occasionally go to when I need just simple work done on the truck (i.e. when I think it's not a Range Rover specific issue)...and in this case, just swapping out the CPS, I thought that qualified.

On my way there, the truck dies. I wait about an hour and it starts again, but with a "gearbox fault" message. It seemed to be in limp mode as I had no torque, but make it to the shop. I only mention this because when I left for the shop there was no check engine light. After it died, and then restarted, check engine was on, so mechanic could at least pull some codes. The codes he got were: PO335, PO336, and P1884. The first two, I was told, indicate that it indeed was the CPS. So they replaced it with the one I brought them....but truck wouldn't start. So they think it's a bad sensor. So we order another one, OEM from dealership and it gets delivered to the shop same day. Try that...no luck.

I asked if they disconnected the battery during the process and they said no. Not sure if that's vital to do or not(?)...but when I said they should have done that, they disconnected the battery for about 20 minutes and reconnected it and still no luck. They then had to close up for the day. Today all they are going to try is putting in the old sensor to see if that at least starts the car....as at least we know with that sensor, it starts.

When I posted this on my previous thread last night, "orangebean" said today, "First thing I'd check would be sync between BECM and engine ECU. Lose that and it'll crank all day but not fire up." ....but I'm not sure how to test that. I may call Rover Scotty about that.

Also not sure what P1884 error code is. I see there are about 8 sub versions of that code, two of which sound like they apply to my situation, but not sure what to do about it. In my online research about P1884 I wouldn't find a clear-cut answer.

Any thoughts guys?

As always, appreciate all your feedback and suggestions!

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