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Treasure under the center console.

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I was doing the heater core in my truck today and found $63.65 beneath the center console! ?


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LMAO! Better MPG in your future with that weight loss! I found a few bucks in change in my 2004 L322. The jack pot came when I cleaned out the spare tyre well the first time... the kind the folds, not the kind that jingles. One of the POs or their spouse was hiding money from someone. $280 in small bills. I contacted the guy I purchased from, he had nothing in the spare well because he had never had a flat and never looked in it. Had really great dinner and bought a tank of gas.
So THAT's where I left my change...
After I had fished it out! Thank god Canadian money is magnetic as some of it was deep in there!
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Were you able to find any videos on changing out the heater core. I have the new core but haven't attempted it yet. I have changed the blend motors before and remember what a pain that was.
I never found any good videos. I found a guide on rrsport.co.uk.
You may need to register to view it.
This helped me get started but it is a little vague on location of clips and screws.
You will have to do some cutting and some bending of the glove box part of the dash to remove the core.
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