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To begin I just changed the front air bags and had the beat the heck out of the bolts to get them strut bolts out. So wouldn't surprise me if I damaged something but it seemed to go together and work great. After that I let my daughter take it and she calls and says it just reved while driving and won't move. No nothing reverse drive nothing.So I rush off to help but before I get to her she calls to say it's working again after a restart.

So the next day I decided to change filter and fluid. Fluid smells burnt but pan looks clean. Install the new pan and fluid lifeguard 6 about 5 liters while I burn my arm!
Now everything seems great and shifts great.so she drives it a few days all is great and suddenly I get a call same issue just won't go as she coasted to a stop and shut it off. I get to her 30 min, later and drive it home and it's perfect! I drive it for another hour driving stopping accelerating no issues at all?
I've looked the forums over but don't see anything like what I'm experiencing.
Everything works great until it doesn't other than and I don't know if this is normal as I've only had it a year or so the torque converter seems to be locked when first taking off and cold. Thanks.
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