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Hi all,

I drove off in my 1998 4.6 p38 and my brother was in the driveway and called me to tell me something had leaked out of the car so I turned around and went home to have a look. It was transmission fluid, I opened the bonnet just as smoke started to appear... Transmission fluid had leaked onto the exhaust and started burning. Turns out the transmission fluid dipstick was out a couple of inches and the fluid must have come out the top and leaked down.

What is baffling me is that nobody AT ALL has touched the dipstick since it's last service about a month ago. I'm wondering if anyone has had this happen to them, or know if it's possible for the dipstick to come out itself?

The dipstick fits snugly and tight so I don't think that's a problem.

Thanks in advance for your replies.
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