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Hi Guys, newbie here so forgive me if this has already been answered but i've tried searching and can't find anything related to the symptoms i'm getting...
Took my range in for a service, door latch and software update the weekend, and almost immediately after had "Transmission Fault - Limited Gears Available" etc on the dashboard and gearbox stuck in third/fourth (would upshift but not down past 3). Managed to limp home without a problem, during the software update however a few errors had been flagged up, gear ratio being one.
The car had driven fine up until the software update, but now its very hard through the gears, first and second are very harsh, up shifts and down shifts in the higher gears not too bad. I am aware of a slight leak on the rear diff seals which needs looking at shortly but I wouldn't expect this to cause any problems.

Anybody had something similar or can point to some simple things I can check? I've read all sorts from the MAF, to handbrake module, to transfer shift control modules...
Anything specific I need to check for before I have my gearbox and torque converter looked at?
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