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Two days go i started my vehicle to go to work and as soon as i left my driveway i started having odd transmission shifting , There was lots of clancking and shifts hesitation which sent the vehicle into limp mode on 2nd gear.

This got me wondering why out of the blue the transmission would behave this way.
I had recently done a somewhat major service to it so initially i thought it could be related to that.
What i did to the transmission-
Complete fluid drain(12 its)replaced with new oil
Dropped the transmission changed the torque converter and re- installed

Obviously this involved disconneting all the main wiring and connectors.

I put it all back the way it was and drove it for a month with no issues other than one code p0700(mil request) followed by another code that indicated my torque converter pressure releasing solenoid was stuck open.

I have never had the code again but i decided to order a new one anyways along with 6 qts of zf fluid, and the pressure regulator valve in order to perform the service.

Parts will all arrive on wednesday and will be performing the service next weekend.

Back to a few days ago, Part of the strange systems besides hard shifting was continuous clicking coming from under my shifting lever and this would mainly happen when i was sitting at a light waiting to drive.

Driving off from a light was almost impossible and the vehicle would move but it would do so in forth gear instead of first , pUling over and turing it off for 20 minutes then starting seemed to sort out the problem which indicated it was a heat related issue.

So when i got home i got under the car and took a hard look at what was out of place .

Fluid level was good , and the only thing i could see that was off was the five wires that go from the shift connecting rod on the right of the transmission to the top front connector above the bell housing.

The plastic insulation that hides the wires had crumbled and fallen off exposing the wires to exhaust and bell housing heat.

I had some spare electrical insulation core material so i used it to re- insulate those wires and i actually used two different sizes as a double layered insulation from one ond of the connectors to another.
Started the car , let it heat up nicely then went for a drive and the issue has not returned.

What i learned from this is the signal being transmitted between the transmisiion and it's ECM can be disturbed by heat exposure to wires.

Make sure all your wires that peg onto clips along the transmission are very well insulated from heat and you will find that the transmission actually shifts much better.

Went for a drive today and that transmission even while worn with age(250,000 miles) is shifting in such a fantastic way i was amazed.

Its he little things sometimes that make all the difference .... i hope this helps someone.
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