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First off let me say Im new the the RR.Net forum, but not new to forums in general... I know the typical noob doesnt search before posting. So to help you sleep better at night, know that I spent about an hour roaming and searching for the answer. I did find useful info which helped me narrow a couple things down...

I'll jump right in. I have a 2003 HSE with 106XXX miles. I dropped it off at a Les Schwab Tires lthis morning for an all-wheel-allignment. That may have been my first mistake. About 4 hours after I dropped it off, I decided to swing by on my way home from work to see if it were finished. It wasnt, and the guy tells me "wow, I havent worked on one of these in a while and they sure are a pain." Another hour or two goes by and my cell rings... "Yeah, so I cant move the RR out of my bay. It flashing a little mountain symbol and saying transferbox neutral." I dont know what to tell him, so he goes on to tell me how it really isnt his fault and he will push it out of the bay and have somebody come look at it Monday. Today is Friday!

So on to RR.net I go for a look. I found several people who had a similar problem, but I never could find out how to fix it. What I learned was that if there is a fuse in slot 37 of the dash fusebox, it is for when the RR is being towed and it disables the transferbox (essentially). I drove back over to the place tonight to check it out, and there WAS a fuse in the slot! Now here is the tricky part. They had no clue about it, so they never put it in.... which means, its been in there as long as Ive owned the Rover. How bad is it that Ive been driving on it with that fuse in?!?

For now, I can only start my Rover. It wont go into gear so I cant move it anywhere. Any ideas on how to get the thing moving? I cant be without a rig for work and life in general. If it helps, Ive had the RR since 94k Miles, and I have paperwork on a new tranny going in at 90k miles. I doubt that would have anything to do with it, but I am guessing somebody stuck in the fuse about the time of the tranny incident, and never pulled it back out.

Thanks guys, and hopefully, I didnt wearout my welcome to the forums :)
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