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Hello all,

I'm a newbie to the forum. I have a buddy with a 2004 HSE that has a bad transfer case. He got quoted anywhere from 4-10k$ to replace it at a shop, and I'm thinking I can help him do it himself and only pay for parts. My first question is, how hard is it to pull the tcase on one of these trucks? I own a chevy K5 blazer, and while I know that it is wayyyyy more simple than a 2004 luxury suv, I have taken that truck apart front to back, and am pretty mechanically savvy. What would be involved in pullin a rover case? Also, is roverlandparts.com a reputable parts dealer? They have a rebuilt transfer case there I can get for $2,300 or so, which seems better than other places I've found.

Once again thanks for the info!

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What exactly do you mean when you say that the transfer case is ‘bad’?

The NV225 transfer case fitted to the ’02-’05 L322 is unique to the Range Rover and, although the workshop manual describes in some detail the component parts and their operation, Land Rover do not supply spares for the unit beyond the shift motor assembly and a couple of lip seals. As the early L322 is the only taker for this box this makes it problematic to source components for stripping & rebuilding the unit. If the shift motor isn’t at fault then swapping the complete assembly is the only realistic repair.

When the transfer case is replaced Testbook/T4 is supposed to be used to recalibrate the ECU to correctly program the high/low range change mechanism, though the NAS version of the service manual also describes a manual method for doing this.

According to the service manual removal appears fairly straight-forward (though I’ve never done it myself).

Basically :
Drain the fluid
Remove the front & rear propshafts
Remove the heat shield
Support the weight of the unit and remove its mounting bolt
Remove the subframe that it sits in
Disconnect the multiplug & breather hose and the transfer box can then be unbolted from the rear of the transmission and removed from the vehicle.
The only special tool referred to in the manual is for removing the rubber mounting.

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