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Hi there, its been a while and maybe my second post in the Classic section.

Recently my friend got hold of a clean and in good shape NAS RRC 1993 model which had a seized VC and also the Hi Lo Shifter was stuck in high, having recently swapped out the TC on my 1998 Discovery with a NAS 96 disco TC. The shiftlock was pretty easy to get rid of as it sits on top of the TC. Just have to remove it from the top discard the lock and use the housing as a blanking plate.

I thought this might the case with the 93 TC aswell. We got a complete used Borg TC as it was cheaper. Swapped out the VC. While under there removed the linkage to see if it was stuck as the Borg TC we bought did not have a solenoid on top so we tought maybe linkage is jammed. Now the linkage without the lever connected shifts fine. But the leven even when disconnected moves freely but just a inches and then you can feel it hits something metallic and stops it from moving beyond that point. From under the car there are no obstructions and you can see the lever wiggle before it hits some invisible barrier.

Having searched around a bit found out the classic shift lock solenoid is not as easy as the disco with the LT TC. I have the rave aswell the ETC shows an overexposed black and white pic of the transmission tunnel to something which looks like a connector but can't make out what and where exactly it is.

Now would be it possible to get rid of this totally like with the disco and never to have to bother with this over protective feature, best option I think, if so can anyone guide me how to do it and preferably with pics. Or a step by step procedure on how to do this also with pics please :pray:

Now I'm pretty much comfy with working on my Disco and was also on my previous P38A'a but with the classic anything other than under the car and engine bay is totally alien to me, and mostly the info I looked into here points it to be an electrical thing and elecs is not my forte.and also the car is in prestine condition with only 132k Miles on it and its not my car so I don't want to end up breaking something or messing up a nice classic of a friend. Plus the car is new to me and my friend and we are pretty much in the learning phase right now.

One more thing does it have any other fuse boxes other than the one in the engine bay and one in the dash itself ( not softdash model ) as there is some talk of a box under the passenger seat, but I though this was only on the P38a's and under the passengers seat all I can see it the EAS ECU. Ok one last thing. While installing an aftermarket radio he blew out the cig lighter and power to the stereo, but some monkey rewired it. Both are working now but not on their original connection. Unfortunately this was done before we had the chance to check the Hi Lo and if it was working and I read somewhere the lock solenoid is on the same circuit.

Thanks a ton in advance for any suggestions as in what to do


P.S : The VC transplant was a success, only time will tell how long this will last though.
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