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Transfer case on my 95 RRC SWB-noisey!!

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My 95 RRC SWB has, I think, the Borg Warner Transfer case??? It has always been very noisey (sp?) and I wonder what it would take to take it out and rebuild it, or replace w/a dif one???? I haven't ever dealt with a transfer case before am mechanical, but not experienced w/4X4's.
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Yes, you do have the BW transfer case. How is it noisy? Bearing whine, loose chain?

The parts to rebuild it are all available, ( for example http://www.ashcroft-transmissions.co.uk/part_88.html )and once it's out of the car shouldn't be particularly tricky if you are mechanically competent. I've only ever replaced the viscous coupling on mine, which I did in-situ. However if you want to do a full rebuild you will have to remove it from the car which will probably be the most difficult bit.
Danny, it's a whirring/whinning sound and there is alot of vibration in the shift know (H-L), not tranny shifter. I have a very nice loud stereo!!!! jeff
ps-I get this very wierd sound upon acceleration sometimes-it sounds like water being pushed through a slot, kind of a squishy sound---viscous???? Never
heard anything like it.
Before assuming the vibration comes from the transfer box, check that there's not a problem with one of the universal joints - I had a vibration that seemed to come from the transfer case that was actually a partially siezed uj on the front propshaft (and a lot cheaper to fix!). You do need to actually unbolt the propshaft to check it properly, but well worth the effort.
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