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Transfer case fluid

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Today before class I decided to check the level of the transfer case fluid. The latter model RRC have a chain driven Borg transfer case which uses a Dextron II ATF, not gear oil like other transfer cases. So when I got the plug out and stuck my finger in it to check the level I smelled and felt what can only be 90wt gear oil. So my bet is the previous owner had the fluid changed at a speedy lube and the monkeys there just put 90wt and called it done. So remember to use ATF! And remind your mechanic to use ATF. So after a fast fluid change and a race to class on time Im hoping all will be well. The fluid was burned pretty bad.
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As cheap as ATF is, it may not hurt to give it a drain and refill at your next oil change. Since ATF is just low weight, high detergent oil it'll do wonders for cleaning out any bits that your original drain missed.
I had EP90 in mine for a couple of years (about 30000 miles) as this was what the Haynes manual said. When I acquired a proper LR service manual, I realised that ATF was required. 50000 miles later on ATF and it's still fine
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