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1995-2002 Range Rover P38A
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P38 owners,
I have just been fault finding on my Transfer case drive motor.
RAVE B6 gives excellent information on how the transfer case functions and interfaces to to the transfer case ECU and other ECU's as well.
However, unless you "read the fine print" the table attached the circuit diagram in Section B6 can be misleading.
Note carefully that the table treats a switch open state of S1 to S4 as a logical "1" and switch closed state as a logical "0".
If you redraw the table substituting "1" for "0" and visa versa it makes more sense when testing the unit with a simple 4 lamp test rig as per the my testing setup.

Also below is a view of the Motor plug viewed looking at the male spade connections.

Motor(pin eight)Motor (pin 7)No connection
switch common (pin 5)Locating tabSwitch 4 (pin 4)
Switch 3 (pin 3)Switch 2 (pin 2)Switch 1 (pin 1)

I hope this information is clear and may help someone one day.

Best regards, Ian
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