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Hello. Hope you guys can help. Having transfail prog problems on a 2003 L322 HSE. Car goes in transfail on 1st gear as soon as you hit around 2500rpm. Restart the car and fault clears then back to the same problem at 2500rpm. In Manual mode car has power and pulls strong. Here’s whats been changed or done so far..

Transmission rebuilt using a master repair kit with steels (old steels pulled out had serious wear and some rust)
Did a Torque Converter test and revs up to about 2200 RPM.
Transfer Case ECU was changed because the line going to the Transfer Case ECU showed it was grounded when the ECU is attached. Ground in the line is gone but not sure if this actually functions because its a used unit but supposedly a working unit.
New ATF and Filter
New Valve Body Transmission Harness YMD001500G because the old ones were brittle and some connectors had cracks.
Swapped the valve body with a used working unit (according to the supplier)
Tested the input/output speed sensor STC4444 on the transmission and got a reading of 3.40 ohms (input) and 3.55 ohms (output).. However, i read somewhere that that only tests the windings inside the sensor and may not guarantee that it actually still works? Would appreciate if someone could chime in if this information is accurate.

Removed the Transfer Case motor from the vehicle and tested it. I’m not getting a Transfer Case Warning on the cluster but decided to test anyway. Readings are:
Pins 2 and 4: 3.51 Kohms (without power to the motor) 3.20 to 4.70 Kohms (motor spinning with power directed to Pins 9 and 10)
Pins 1 and 4: 3.84 Kohms (constant)
Pins 1 and 2: 1.64 Kohms (without power to the motor) 3.71 to 4.50 Kohms (motor spinning with power directed to Pins 9 and 10)

The readings seem to be out of tolerance.

AUTOLOGIC Readout (screenshots attached)
Engine Fault Diagnosis shows “Stall Speed”. Thats all it says on the Autologic. No “P” code mentioned which seems quite odd.
Cannot connect to some of the sub-menus on the Transfer Case ECU and caused Autologic to crash and on a second attempt the car completely shut down.
Transfer Case Fault shows EGS Lost from CAN, EGS2 Lost from CAN
Hi/Lo Selector does nothing when toggled. No lights on dash, no reaction from transfer case. Hill descent switch works and illuminates the icon on the cluster. Checked the switch and wires are connected.
Gearbox temp shows negative 9 degrees and we are in the tropics.
Live Data shows that the front left wheel is spinning about 75% faster than the other 3 wheels. Switched the front wheel speed sensors and still the same thing… Front left shows its turning faster than the rest.
CAN BUS Fault on Air Suspension ECU.

Running out of ideas here and pulling my hair out trying to solve all these issues. Which really seem to be pointing out to electricals.

Input/Output Speed Sensors? Transfer Case ECU? Transfer Case Motor?

Thanks so much for bearing with me and the long post. Hope someone can point me in the right direction.

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