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Traction Control engaging

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I searched and did not find an answer so I am reaching out to the crowd.

2010 Sport SC, I am running 275-55-20 BFG ATs. When making a slow left turn 5-10mph and accelerating in to the turn (not hard just normal accel) the TC kicks on. I have adjusted everything in the CCF that i could find in the GAP tool for tires size(as close as I could adjust) and it is still doing it. No faults in the system, no mechanical issue with hubs...

Any suggestions or insight appreciated.
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I would be looking at wheel speed sensor readings. I think the most likely culprit is a bad wheel speed sensor. A sensor that is sending out erroneous readings (usually staying at low volts) will lead the ECM to activate the electronic traction control (ETC).

The quickest and easiest way to test is with a scan tool that shows individual wheel speed. However if that is not available you can raise the vehicle so the wheel you are testing spins freely and back probe the wheel speed/ABS sensor. The sensors are two wire, one wire provides power and the other wire provides a return signal as the wheel spins. By rotating the tire you can induce a current fluctuation into the signal wire that will show up on a volt meter. Presumably the faulty sensor will not show a change it volts—however this is not always the case. The signal could be dropping out under certain conditions (which is why a scan tool that can monitor individual wheel speed is much more useful)

Also, sometimes rust on the knuckle can cause the sensor to pull away and open a gap between it and the ring in the half shaft. This causes erroneous readings as well.

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Thanks, I have live data stream, I'll look at that for issues next.
Sounds more like DSC kicking rather than traction control - try turning DSC off and see if the issue continues.
I'd strongly suspect that you're taller tires are confusing the DSC. I wouldn't do anything until you check the codes in the DSC module.
There are no faults in anything. I have not looked at live data when it does it yet (since i snapped the axle trying to use it as a rock crawler last Saturday) I am thinking it is DSC not liking the sidewall movement, i might also over inflate the tires and see if it still does it.
Have you tried your manoeuvre with DSC off?
Hi Everyone,

I did not see an answer with my fix, so thought I would post it. I have an 07 RRS. It had the exact same symptoms. Left turns, DSC turned on, usually on country roads, not on highways. I started to notice it was worse in the wet and of course the DSC button deactivated the issue and you could drive normally without any handling issues. Considering the issue was worse in the wet, I concluded that the tires must be giving slightly more under the wet conditions, triggering the sensor and the DSC. That led me to believe it was not a sensor issue but something wrong physically. I also know that putting on slightly larger tires then desired triggers the system to do similar things as well, speaking from experience.

This being the case, I figured something either needs replacing on the suspension or the wheel alignment is off. Since nothing dramatic had been occurring with the handling when the DSC was off, I opted to check the cheapest option first - wheel alignment. Furthermore, there seemed to be a slight pull to the right, seemingly consistent, when driving in a straight line, hardly noticeable, but there.

I went tot check the alignment and sure enough the right front wheel was slightly out of alignment. After this was corrected, I have not had the problem since.

For all with this issue, check the tire sizes (and condition), tracking and alignment before diving into bigger potential fixes. It may just be that you hit a few too many ruts in the road and it needs correcting. From this experience, it just tells me the system is incredibly precise to keep you safe. I can't fault Land Rover for that.

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